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It’s been too long! Working full-time has kept me busy. It’s already June and the months are passing faster than I can manage. Right in the heat of summer, we’re staying inside where the air conditioning is blasted so high, there are times I reach for a warm sweater and fuzzy socks. Isn’t that the silliest thing? It’s how we Arizonans get through the sweltering summers. While pretending it’s chilly inside, I had the pleasure of sewing with some adorable Christmas prints by Poppie Cotton! This is their Snuggle Up Buttercup collection soon to release just in time for Christmas in July.

That sneak peek photo was posted back in January. It was a teaser that immediately had me obsessed.

Photo Credit: https://www.instagram.com/poppiecotton/

While staring at this fun line of quirky, unexpected Christmas designs I was thinking a quilt would be the obvious choice, but staying true to me I went with the more unexpected route. An over the top detailed Christmas apron!!! If you have followed my instagram account (https://www.instagram.com/linenbouquet/) for a few years I’m sure you’ve seen some of my past apron makes. For a short time I was even taking orders on Etsy. That was a ton of fun!

Fabric auditions at midnight

The best thing about handmade aprons is you get to customize every part. The chest can be widened the ties lengthened, the details exaggerated. They can be frilly or plain, decorative or utilitarian. My personal favorite is the extra girlie type, with ruffles, bows, extra trims and lots of color mixing. How perfect does that sound for Christmas baking???

Official lineup of finalists

With all the aprons I’ve made, there is exactly only one left in my house. It’s simple and was used during my stint with outdoor markets for carrying cash. BORING! Every time I make a pretty apron, I end up giving it away to a friend or family member as a gift. Or to my mom 🙂 She’s my biggest fan and tries to keep everything I make.

I’m hoping this one stays with me for a while and I get to make some sweet memories while using it.

A bit of frill.

More details.

Okay, now queue the bows!

Isn’t she lovely and festive?

The top panel is a bit wider than the typical 9.5″ since I’m heavier on top. This should help keep my clothes cleaner while baking.

I also like a big bow and long tails so this apron was made with an 88″ waist tie.

Large pockets to comfortably reach into and maybe sneak some chocolate chips!

This project wouldn’t be complete without a matching hot pad. Because matching your kitchen is so mom-like! Hahaa! Using the Winter Star Block from Lori Holt’s (link to blog) book “Farm Girl Vintage” I made a 8″ square hot pad. With a little extra time I think a sweet runner will look nice as well.

My girls love adding cooking projects to our advent calendar activities and I bet they would light up when they see a kitchen decorated for the occasion. Alright, it’s settled and I’m adding the project to my Christmas in July to-makes list.

I hope you enjoyed this project with the newest Poppie Cotton collection, Snuggle Up Buttercup. Enjoy the blog tour this week! The next maker will be announced on the Poppie Cotton Instagram account.

Happy sewing! Sending cool and refreshing thoughts to all toughing it out this summer.

Love, Jasmine

2 thoughts on “A Little Christmas Sewing (Snuggle Up Buttercup Collection)

  1. Very festive! Girly too. Seems like Christmas time is my only apron wearing time . Hmm maybe a new season is in order. Miss you !


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