Hello Dear Friend!

Today I’m announcing something that I wasn’t sure would ever happen again. After leaving my fabric business behind in 2019, I really missed it. Like A LOT! At that time, closing the shop was necessary and I still stand by my initial decision to close it. Now after some growth I feel it’s time to move forward, this time with a handmade product that has really helped me. Let me show you the newly designed Stitching Press!

It’s a custom designed mini ironing board that fits so neatly alongside my sewing machine. Why the need when I have an ironing board? Well, I press every seam. Every. Single. One. I cannot move forward with a project by pressing it with my finger or even a rolling press. I’m just particular like that. So, you can imagine that quilt blocks and fpp projects take me forever.

I needed something accessible while staying in front of my machine. Something that doesn’t take any of the limited floor space in my sewing room. You see, my husband is working from home and we share the office. Having that big bulky ironing board in the middle of the room just gets in the way. A solution was needed… so I made one.

While there are similar options online for ironing boards, I didn’t see any that met my requirements. Which were a sturdy design, no warping, heat protection for my desk top, in a wide shape with pretty fabric. After 50 attempts (exaggerating) I have exactly what I wanted. Whoohooo!

It’s this sturdy Stitching Press. Large enough to iron a quilt block on, but compact enough to stay next to my machine or even take on the go for sewing parties. Does anyone do that? If you do, please invite me! 🙂

Having this handy mini board next to my machine has cut my sewing time by at least a third of what it used to be. Quickly working through quilt blocks and fpp patterns now and I’m loving it!!!! Success all around.

After the initial surprise of how great the press worked out, I thought there must be other quilters looking for such an option. Now I’m working through an assembly line of Stitching Presses and posting them to Etsy. How exciting this has all been.

If you’re looking for a cute pressing board to add to your sewing table, I hope you’ll visit my shop at www.etsy.com/shop/LinenBouquetDesigns and help spread the word to friends. My new Stitching Press design is going to be a big hit, at least I hope so.

I’m happy to take any color suggestions you have below in the comments. What’s your favorite color to decorate your sewing space with? Your recommendations will be used in my next batch of products. Thanks so much!

Love, Jasmine

2 thoughts on “Quickly Quilting with the Stitching Press

  1. it is lovely! i do prefer this to the huge ironing board that takes up half my room! i like neutral colors and also pink! depends on my mood.


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