Hello, my Quilty Friend!


My name is Jasmine. I’m a stay at home wifey, momma to three girls, homeschool teacher, and when I have a moment to myself, I’m at my sewing machine usually stitching up something for the home. A women’s work is never done, right?

As far back as I can remember I’ve had a great admiration for quilts. Though I never owned one, and no women in my family ever quilted I just knew or dreamed, that one day I would make a quilt for my own child. When my daughter was born eight years ago, I refused to pick out bedding at the big box stores and instead asked for a cheapy sewing machine for Christmas. With a few leftover fabric scraps from my wedding and some quick searches online I set out to sew my first item ever, a quilt! In case you don’t know I don’t ever reach for the easy projects. Hahaha! My very first quilt was made with scraps, no batting, double gauze backing and some very sketchy binding. It was practically falling apart the moment I finished, but that didn’t matter. I wrapped my baby girl in it and returned to the sewing machine with even more determination.

Once I stepped outside of the large fabric store aisles and into designer fabrics, it was over! I was officially a sewing and fabric hoarding enthusiast. My knowledge and skill have increased over the years, as well as my love for this online quilt community. Seeing all the inspiration from the social media quilt makers just blew my mind. I couldn’t wait to dive in myself. For three years now I’ve shared my makes on Instagram @linenbouquet The thing is, there’s never enough space for all I want to say. I’ve found it especially difficult to share patterns and tutorials without a blog… so here we are!

My hope is that you will find the content here information, helpful and fun! With that said, THANK YOU for stopping in. Meet me here every Monday with your coffee (or tea) and sewing tools in hand. We’re going to get quilty together!

with love, Jasmine