A Year of Techniques – Giveaway

Hello dear friend. Thank you for the love and support over this new blog. I was on pins and needles before publishing it, but you eased my nerves with your kindness.

I want to share with you a very exciting partnership I have with a quilty friend that I met in an unexpected way. One evening, while rushing to my daughter’s soccer practice I spotted a couple quilts laying on the grass in rich purple tones. Trying to play it cool, I smiled at the family sitting on them but really just wanted to get a better look at the quilts. It’s darn near impossible for a quilter to ignore such a thing. In my effort to not act like a creeper, I set my folding chair next to the family and casually asked, “Did you make those quilts?” Well needless to say, the conversation took off from chatting about the the two quilts to exchanging Instagram account information. It was pure serendipity! That other soccer mom was none other than the incredibly talented Felicia from Felicia’s World a quilt pattern designer.

When you meet a fellow quilter it’s like finding a soul sister. Not only did we connect over our love for the craft but now we’re partnering together and sharing with you some great sewing projects. One very exciting project is a series called, “Year of Pincushions,” a collection of monthly pincushion patterns that will offer seasonal and holiday designs. At the end of the full 12 months you will have expertly crafted pincushions, and the blocks will double as pieces of a complete mini quilt sampler. It’s going to be gorgeous!

January’s Pincushion pattern just released this past weekend. The pattern design is a winter wonderland using hexies in a smart snowflake layout with snow covered hills, tiny fir trees and quaint little cottages. You’re gonna love this pattern!

I feel incredibly lucky to test the patterns for this series and show them off here on my blog from time to time. My goal when sharing a pattern with you is to share the techniques used from my perspective. Felicia is a long time quilting pro that I look forward to learning from so I can pass along the information to you!

While dreaming up my vision for the January pincushion, I landed on a lovely assortment of Tilda fabrics which includes cottons from the Maple Farm, solids and chambray collections. You’ll notice a couple other fabrics thrown in to round out my color palette but I really tried to keep the colors non traditional and soft.

The top block which will also be used in the end of year mini quilt sampler, uses English paper piecing hexagons to form a delicate snowflake. To be honest I was a bit intimidated by the tiny hexies. I figured the small size would be difficult to sew but once they were basted onto the papers (using a glue stick and heavy book flatten), the snowflake was assembled in no time and they even kept their shape really well. Smaller project, less stitches! Whoohoo! Its a cinch to appliqué this beauty onto the dark blue chambray.

The technique that is new to me in this pincushion pattern is the needle turn appliqué. Yes, I admit I’m a needle turn newbie. Although the technique seems daunting, I’m pretty psyched to try it. Especially since I’ll be making these adorable snow capped cottages on the side panels. Eeeek! Learning new sewing techniques always excites me. My fave is when I get to sew by hand. This is a win, win!

So I’m gonna get to work on these tiny details and would love it if you joined me! Get your “Year of Pincushions” pattern here to sew along with Felicia and I. We have more details to come if you follow us on Instagram @Linenbouquet and @FeliciasWorldQuilting

An extra bonus for being my bloggy friend, I have one FREE January Pincushion pattern to offer here! Just enter your email to follow my blog posts and I will draw a name at the end of the week. Thanks again for being so great.

Hugs, Jasmine

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