Goose Creek Garden Picnicing Set – Fabric Tour

Hello Dear Friend,

It’s been a few weeks since my last post. Many moving parts to my life right now and I’m riding out the changes while I sew, quilt and epp the days away. The best way to weather the storm is with a good attitude and pretty fabric right? I say yes.

Speaking of pretty fabric, lookie what I have here the newest Poppie Cotton collection Goose Creek Garden!

This collection was designed with delightful waddling geese, it is bursting with sweet florals and stripes in a beautiful mix of soft yellows, pink contrasting teals and burgundy. I love that the collection has a large variety of florals and not the same repeating flower in different scales. Look closely and you can see how much range there is in this bundle.

Goose Creek Garden is a well rounded collection that will can easily complete a slew of projects. As you can see here, I had no trouble pairing these fabrics in some very pretty combinations.

I can’t forget to show you the Country Confetti basics also offered by Poppie Cotton. Very smart design, as the confetti dots coordinate so well with this and past collections. Definitely, get these to compliment your projects!

When my fabrics arrived from Poppie Cotton I couldn’t wait to start planning out my project. I wanted to play along with the outdoor theme of a creek. Thinking along those lines, past memories flooded my mind of outings with the kids when they were a little younger.

We would visit the community lake in the neighborhood. My four and two year old would ride their trike & scooter down the path along the lake to the park, while my littlest would be laying on a blanket in the wagon I pulled. There would be ducks floating atop the lake and some trailing behind us hoping for breadcrumbs.

I would lay out the blanket for Adeline’s tummy-time where she usually stayed and napped under a tree while the other two played. We should read, snack, swing and run … until they wore themselves out. The walk back to the house was a slow one followed by a long nap for everyone, me included.

Those were some sweet days and this Goose Creek Garden collection brought back all those memories. To recreate that into a sewing project was the goal and challenge.

Considering the scrumptious feeling of a nap in the cool breezy shade, of course brought me to the conclusion of making a quilt. Since I had yet to make a classic barn block style quilt I found one of the new designs by Melanie A Bit of Scrap Stuff to be just what I was looking for. This lovely is the Sunrise Quilt pattern available here.

Obsessed??? Yes, I definitely am!

The large sun blocks with contrasting sashing really drew my eye and I liked that I could showcase the larger printed fabrics in the center. It would be a shame to chop up those little geese into unrecognizable blocks.

Melanie’s pattern was easy to follow and the blocks came together quickly. I really loved how perfectly the smaller floral repeats played with the larger prints in each sunshine block. Making my job even easier. Using the gray, “Weathered Wood,” Country Confetti basic as a background brought a bit of maturity to the project that complimented the burgundy and teal. It was actually my husbands recommendation to add it in, and I think he was so right!

The blocks were a breeze to piece together but it was the quilting that really slowed me down. While sandwiching my top, batting and backing fabric I ran out of basting spray. UGHHH I completely regret what I’m about to type. I pin basted my quilt, and naively thought it wouldn’t make a difference. Yikes! It took me almost four weeks to machine quilt this beauty because of all the puckering. The basting was not taut enough and it had to be readjusted each time I changed directions.

Don’t be impatient like me, take the hour to drive to the store and by that basting spray, save yourself weeks of puckering. LOL! Thankfully, my quilting came out pretty well and pictures do not show my frustration of the moment.

Here’s a picture of the geometric marvel of the back quilting. Color me completely shocked at how gorgeous it came out! And big points to anyone who spots the red hen.

I was very pleased with this quilt choice but kept thinking that it wasn’t complete. Let me tell you why.

When I go out with the kids, I’m usually carrying so many items that I just have no hands free. Purse, food, drinks, toys, extra changes of clothes and now a blanket??? I kept thinking, “I need something that is hands free,” and makes my outings just a little bit easier. This bred the idea for my Picnicing Quilt Carrier.

First I designed my vision, ordered the strap, hardware, and then got to work. You know, I’ve never seen anyone make a quilted blanket holder but I had something similar wrapped around my yoga mat. There was no carrying strap, but it helped keep my mat rolled up. With fingers crossed, I hoped this idea would work and look like a strappy mess.

I chose the Red Wildflowers print thinking the deep color would look a little more grown up and match the dark brown leather strap. It was definitely the right choice. I’m happy to tell you, this carrier looks even cuter than imagined! My Picnicing Quilt Carrier not only serves it’s function but it’s quilty and feminine.

This momma is happy with a little extra help carrying all the necessities. I already know I’ll be using it a couple times a week during soccer season.

So, would you like to make one yourself? This post has already reached capacity so I’ll have to share the step-by-step tutorial on my Picnicing Quilt Carrier next week. Promise!

For now, I hope you’re inspired to take bits of sweet memories and make them into lasting projects like I did with this set. Also, get yourself the charming Goose Creek Garden fabric collection by Poppie Cotton arriving in shops soon, you can find them here

My sweet helper.

Thank you Poppie Cotton for inviting me to join your fabric tour and thank you friend for stopping in to see my creations!

with love, Jasmine